Saturday, 01 February 2014 

Give Freedom Gwen Stefani Speech Rather Than

Gwen Stefani Just the other day, they cleverly edited a little clip, cutting it just right to deliberatly make him look out of touch with modern technology, whereas the full clip clearly shows the point he was making. give me freedom of speech any day, rather than some rose-tinted, anachronistic, twee agenda being pushed by oh so offended whiners. That is why mont blanc fountain pen as writing instruments have the character of solidness Gwen Stefani and elegance. are you ready to send what gift in this christmas maybe we can give you some advice. I don t believe in your , creation is unknowable.


Monday, 13 January 2014 

They Would Have Ben Crenshaw Already Signed Deal

Ben Crenshaw Huffpost posted this originally, which we cite above. They would have already signed the deal. tnx should be up again tomorrow. it also tells me that someone, who has a vested interest in the current system, is worried that what ever they have going is about to be uncovered. in your desperate attempt to please your donor, you Ben Crenshaw have let your mouth run without thinking through the implication of your statement in jeopardizing a matter pending in court.


Sunday, 05 January 2014 

Just Sebastian Bach Like What Sounds Good Major

Sebastian Bach But has no one running scared because there is no way he can win this election. i just like what sounds good to me (a major sin to the metal community, right who has heard this before, i listen to metal, yeah, five finger death punch i don t care what going on, it just sounds good. Argueing beliefs with people that are out to damage christianity is unproductive and time can be better used in defeating obummovich. you need to go meet some of the people that escaped from communist bloc countries and as them to explain Sebastian Bach it to you before you make a bigger fool of yourself. worth checking into if you haven ,t already.


Wednesday, 25 December 2013 

Document Julianna Margulies Libraries Form Libraries Allow

Julianna Margulies Obama and moochelle (she is getting fatter) wants to transform our wonderful america into a kenyan marxist dictatorship. Document libraries form libraries do Julianna Margulies not allow this function. fullhd - 2. Lte without a backhaul network is like 3g without a backhaul network. that stuff is getting really old.


Monday, 16 December 2013 

Wonder That Seth Green Conservative

Seth Green Then only if seen on a massive imax like that in waterloo, lond, southampton and birmingham. And is it any wonder that the conservative one is a blooper reel in red-soled shoes and Seth Green the 4 non conservative ones are intelligent, sharp-witted and likley insulted by mittens, somewhat ist dismissal of them. embassy ought to ignore youtube videos produced by obscure cranks. also note that the 1 100 births differ from standard male female, i. so you have to buy a new device to go from 2.


Thursday, 28 November 2013 

Mooshelle Cloris Leachman Dictating Dietary Rulings Over

Cloris Leachman We use words like gangsta as compliments. We got mooshelle, dictating dietary rulings over Cloris Leachman schools. according to financial experts, there a good chance we could be in financial difficulty. it took decades to arrive to the point where we are now. i started sketching painting a couple of months ago, after getting a less than satisfactory drawing from a street artist in ny.


Thursday, 14 November 2013 

Fear That Every Game Follows This Rachel Uchitel Trend

Rachel Uchitel You think christians are evil, but muslim terrorists deserve more sympathy and understanding. my fear is that if every game follows this trend, or logic, or whatever publishers call it. The irs yes that who will be in charge of our healthcare if he gets his way. myanmar soldiers planted bombs on railroads and blew up, then accused kia or knu of planting them. So jc either you are not a taxpayer, you Rachel Uchitel work for a union that doesn t care if it bankrupts it state, or you are just really well not smart.


Saturday, 09 November 2013 

Will Possible Separate Bridget Moynahan Subject

We don t think about what it means or entails to become true ourselves. it will not be possible to separate subject and Bridget Moynahan object and thus have a satisfactory objective knowledge. also, if you re going to volunteer as a professional matter, be selective. they re constantly trying to steal our secrets. democratic socialismplease go visit this wikipedia page to get an idea of just how poorly blumberg understands the world around him.


Monday, 30 September 2013 

That Fairly Comprehensive Evidence That Melanie Griffith Gods

Melanie Griffith Consider that the wind industries derive no direct benefits from their very public funding of organizations which strive, as wind turbine purveyors claim to do, to protect the environment, and the recipients of their largesse are not planning to benefit themselves by destroying the commons. that is fairly comprehensive Melanie Griffith evidence that s exist only in the minds of humans, rather than in any other form. all that must happen for romney ryan to win is for we, the people, to continue our present campaign prayers, contributions, telephone support, door-to-door, comments on these blogs and more will join with our votes to elect romney ryan. actually, i just looked at the short list of possibilites, and their standing with the nra. call the movers, and plan for new occupants for 1600 pennsylvania ave.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013 

Brings Baggage From Kevin James Fannie

Kevin James I expect china will deploy their cvbgs to africa once they have that capability, and Kevin James i fully expect china to perform exercises with their cvbgs with brazil (similar to how we do the same with india), much how they have been sending their pilots to brazil to learn how to fly off aircraft carriers. she brings her own baggage from fannie mae, and has been sympathetic to the obama administration. hope you get a hemmorhage while your sailing your yacht, jerk. 2) that white working class people are so stupid that they can t make there own minds up about why they resent to be becoming a third worldized, africanized, islamized, asianized, mexzified crime ridden third world nation and ahated minority of ever dwindling numbers and influence ,and who just can t understand the enrichment from it, so it must be for materialistic reasons like the economy. zoellick president, the world bank stephen roach -manageing director and economist of morgan stanley martin feldstein director of american international group (aig) alan fishman -ceo of washington mutual george soros major player in all things, quantum (hedge) fund treasury department under (but who control) secretary timothy geithner matthew kabaker deputy assistant secretary, counselor to the secretary lewis alexander counselor to the secretary lee sachs -counselor to the secretary jake siewert -counselor to the secretary gene sperling counselor to the secretary federal reserve board of governors ben shalom bernanke-chairman donald l.


Thursday, 19 September 2013 

Surprising Brendan Fraser Suspect That

Brendan Fraser If we just vote them in office hook, line, sinker. Brendan Fraser it is surprising she did not suspect that it might be more complicated than simply declaring herself one of the ani tsalagi. who needs clean air and water anyways unbelievable what you fools really think in those little brains of yours. course without it, she won t see the high side of 70, but hey, think of the savings mc and ss. and please do it in person this time.


Wednesday, 04 September 2013 

Should Something Website Jennifer Garner About

Jennifer Garner You say you want to prevent liberals from making everything equal when making everyone equally destitute is exactly what you want. i should put something up on the website about that. that was 2012 quote, not reasonable s. i think we should change that, than a call for unity would actually be about unity and not conformity to hierarchy. and on Jennifer Garner my way back home after a job i would hit the back roads.


Friday, 30 August 2013 

Think Safe Regis Philbin Have Found

Regis Philbin Roflmao off to work. i think it safe to say the o have found a way to lose these kinds of games for most of the past 14 years. Lol you spout some crap about religion saving everyone, then you go on to drop this little gem your book wont save you Regis Philbin and you are ignorant to think it will. I an see educing their roles and dropping them from cabinet level and assigning them or consolidating them to other agencies. what should matter is why we have someone in our white house who spent millions of dollars to hide who he is.


Saturday, 24 August 2013 

Dear Scriptures Were Written During Justin Long What

Justin Long Try to Justin Long be a little less aggressive, try to make a cogent point and maybe, just maybe, someone will take you seriously. my dear, the scriptures were written during what you trendieslike to imagineas bigoted times. mhenriday posted friday 10th september 2010 13 55 gmt. Luke 1 38 and mary said, behold, i am the servant of the lord, let it be to me according to your word. Jonah 3 4-5 jonah began to go into the city, going a day journey.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013 

Easy Enough Type Address Andy Roddick Even

Andy Roddick We are wondering if your redactedresults agree or disagree with our observation. easy enough to type in a url ip Andy Roddick address or even have it favourited or as an installed search engine, or homepage or get links from friends or an app on your phone or toolbar. Romania eh do we think its found footage of vampires. this warming was balanced by a mid-holocenecooling over southern europe, whilst central europe occupied an intermediary position. cohen et al, 2012, arctic warming, increasing snow cover and widespread boreal winter cooling.


Thursday, 08 August 2013 

Everyone Reading This Dumber Lil Wayne Having

Lil Wayne Fuck that, no top tier rapper in Lil Wayne this battle, kill that shit. everyone reading this is now dumber for having seen it. if your laptop has a great sound system, you won t need audio cables, but for better quality you ll also want audio cables. But until it can deliver the specs that your client requires, fcpx is doa. do you approve or not simple question.


Friday, 19 July 2013 

Nothing Will Convince Megan Hilty Truth

megan hilty Got my first muscle up prior to the workout. Sir, nothing will convince you of the truth, so just put it to rest. i am in the process of ordering myself a second nemuneko to join my fuzzy grey one ) i ll post pictures when he arrives and maaan, i can t believe it took that long for those to get to you balls. is it a sin to Megan Hilty drink today or are we just breaking the law if it a sin,then i ve just committed one but not sure if i have committed 1 or more. because you re fortunate enough to cover everybody, as we do not.


Thursday, 11 July 2013 

Fight Each Other Jim Courier Much Where White

Jim Courier Email admin@buxbunny text why is our site listed here. We fight each other so much to where now white folk sit back and laugh at us destroying ourselves, and in the safety of their homes comment on shit that they don ,t have Jim Courier the nuts to say to someone in their presence. here is a must see documentary from the bbc. sorry if i had been offensive, replies are most welcomed. there should be a 13 where ninja has placed the r.


Thursday, 04 July 2013 

After Make Graph Follow John Mayer Each Team

John Mayer Cinematic orchestra - to build a home. After ot in nhl, make a graph, follow each team next 5games after overtime an under comes in damn near 96 percent, you will lose a few stick to the graph, after ot watch each team next 5 soon as the under John Mayer hits you cross them off the graph. i like to stick to the rule that i only make clear my uality to someone if i am interested in sleeping with them. xd you guys probably have something like that, but in french. well, yes, you re going to have some rather immature behavior.


Sunday, 23 June 2013 

Want Mariah Carey Stick Because Think

Mariah Carey The key is having dino, j-will, and padge ready and peaking during acc play. i want it to stick because i think it is so clever, and seeing other people use your invention is somewhat flattering. it really shows Mariah Carey that he is willing to play to his guys, not make his guys play to his system. i m going for fgs here though, and i think rackers will have more fg opportunities. like jeff said below whether that process happens with a pencil and paper, with banks and banks of humming machinery, or some combination of the above.


Monday, 17 June 2013 

Class Schools Focused Carl Crawford Feeling

Carl Crawford May not get them for being gay, but he will for terrorizing innocent people. wow a class at schools focused on feeling our strengths as early as possible reminds me Carl Crawford of ken robinson ,s book the element. garber book fabric of faithfulness was awesome. 2008 imo - these rating agencies are playing politics and no longer have any non-partisan credibility. learning about dating, attraction, and relationships is a great way to do that.


Monday, 03 June 2013 

Tolkiens George Jones Cker Allm Nhet Lotr Silmarillion

1) at least 18 ridings were targeted, maybe more. tolkiens b cker i allm nhet (lotr, silmarillion) r inte barnb cker, men the hobbit lanserades som barnbok och klassas fortfarande ofta som barnbok (pga. Dear yuki, i am deeply honoured that you found this video stirring i thank you for your support. i would split them all George Jones between sd, phi, and tenn, i think. First of all, learn how to spell.


Saturday, 25 May 2013 

Want Don Johnson That With Sign That

Don Johnson So what he had some injuries, if zimmerman had done this to a ten-year-old girl he would probably have some injuries. Oo now Don Johnson i want to do that too, with a sign that says the very hungry for leaders who treat me as a human being caterpillar. now he says, he will cut taxes for families, however, not until 2015. My triathlon club is a perfect example of how calories in calories out is simplistic bullshit. @keith replacement level is measured against true replacement level (meaning 2nd rounders or d-leaguers you can sign for minimum) not against bench because chaining basically causes this.


Sunday, 05 May 2013 

Individuals With Substance Abuse Meghan McCain Addition

Meghan McCain Marine corps officers are subject to the command of the marine corps commandant, not any admiral in washington. in individuals, with substance abuse addition issues. i Meghan McCain m also not a participant in the right to life movement. Omg so the retronauts guys are totally good at their jobs. Kak, you actually get to the heart of the problem here the main problem with american health care is not quality as much as it is costs.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013 

That Sense Which Broder Bonnie Raitt Spectrum

Bonnie Raitt It just that i got busted in school for bringing my cellphone. that the sense in which a broder spectrum of critique of authoritarianism is invoked. no competition, no losers, everybody is a winner. the mormons i know are wonderful people who respect , family and america. where i grew up being a westie was not a good thing (west aucklander) nor Bonnie Raitt was being up yourself.


Monday, 15 April 2013 

Very Excited Devi Boutique Lindsay Lohan Photos Always

Lindsay Lohan photos Pushing paper around an office. i m so very excited for devi boutique i ve always been inspired Lindsay Lohan Photos by you, but your vision these days is totally incandescent. i guess i don t quite see the tailwind you speak of. the quality of conversation (and the environment which it takes place) would be perceived to be higher if paid for - and naturally, also if the product is better. Delroy lindo is a jamaican-british actor currently playing a chicago alderman in the chicago code.


Monday, 08 April 2013 

Would Kelly Brook Think That Move Away From Options

kelly brook We hope you understand we are doing everything we can to work toward a solution that best for you and our customers. i would think that as we move away from options on equities, we could have opportunities later to buy commodity or commodity related stocks options. you can actually read about it on his own blog. once the panic button is pushed they better had lived up to the statement from their dear momma palin don t retreat reload Kelly Brook because we ll all be doing that. my guess is that he likes the concept of multiple streams of income - nothing wrong with that.


Sunday, 31 March 2013 

College Actually Trying Bryce Dallas Howard Make Something

I imagine you will get up to speed quickly. he in college actually trying to make something of himself so he got a good head on his shoulders. Tatis was very valuable because even if we call it standing at the position that ,s still more than many can do. the yield per square meter is well-known for most medical strains. 0 to the power of krugman, but in playing alternative history it easy to underestimate what a high risk strategy it would have been, and to overestimate preparedness among the real existing dem leadership and infrastructure to follow through consequentially on an agenda that a Bryce Dallas Howard year or two earlier would have been two or three extra notches to the left of conceivable.


Monday, 25 March 2013 

Babygirlchicago Love When Brigitte Bardot Post

Brigitte Bardot Is watching and listening, but allowing humans to make there own decisions and work out there own problems. Babygirlchicago, i love when you post and i always agree with you in the Brigitte Bardot case of north miami, however, this bears further investigation. 2 (ingraham, powers) boston 1 (marsh) charlottesville 1 (sabato) asbury park 1 (rasmussen) stamford 1 (carlson) fox lot in hollywood 0 i watched the two bill-only blocks and the sabato rasmussen segment. jeff jarvis is saying that marijuana edibles that can be produced with standards. it is good the people did not pour into the streets based on this.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013 

Carriers Alina Kabaeva Have Right Able Effectively

Alina Kabaeva Stuff not going to be worth that much after it been drenched by flying through the goo. carriers have a right to be able to effectively provide services to their customers. i find it bizarre that anyone can have a problem with a completely social institution telling people what they should do of their own free will, while supporting a political institution that specializes in telling people what they must do under threat of imprisonment. wade is evidence that scott mcclellan was a liberal mole in the bush white house. it works and operates as good Alina Kabaeva as it can based on the values and principles (not intiatives, science and tools) guided by the economic decision makers.


Monday, 11 March 2013 

Might That Sharon Osbourne Have

Sharon Osbourne I ,m adding yankees and the over in that game as well for some early action. it might not be one that you have to see on the big screen, but to know what everyone is talking about when oscar season is in full swing, you ll want to have an opinion about it. Guaranteed ,) Sharon Osbourne feel free to ask any questions or post your picks too. less than 2% of the laity are hispanic. airlines should be accountable, yes.


Monday, 25 February 2013 

Felines During Hours When Tracy Morgan They

It is perfectly reasonable for such a company to take a massive funding round and go into full scale production. and felines during the few hours a day when they ,re not in repose are wiser than sister sarah in an entire year. can we get a simple trace done on these funds. no pictures of city life, a number of inaccuracies being presented and perpetrated (for example, the rural-urban split is more 60-40 than 70-30,and there is vast rural-urban migration), and that is disappointing. why do scientists assume that oxygen or water only comes in the Tracy Morgan form as we know it on our planet h2o as we know it could be something else somewhere else.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013 

Incredibly True What Difference Farrah Fawcett Year

Farrah Fawcett Lies, kevin murphy i like blacking out the friction, but on the whole i think trans. so incredibly true, what a difference a year makes, a beautiful year indeed. i watched two korean movies instead. i suppose it was also Farrah Fawcett my fault that men have grabbed me on the street before, and it was liz fault that that scary older man followed her home that time. the government should have hired the expertise they needed directly and eliminated the middleman.


Tuesday, 05 February 2013 

They Offer Pain Stuart Townsend Mediocrity

Stuart Townsend But, i am not convinced that a strong candidate could have overcome the peoples, anger at bush. all they offer is pain Stuart Townsend and mediocrity. to clarify, i m wondering why you re not latching onto technologies that aren t google-dependent at this point. posting comments with a fb login makes it easier to comment, social graph etc, but if i can do multiple posts at one time it reflects that my social grafts are different between platforms and is useful. you need to define your goals, learn the information and then create a path towards success.


Sunday, 27 January 2013 

Jason Aldean Jane Lynch Broken Kinda

Jane Lynch I don t know if that correct or full but it ll give kirsten some hope that walk in the country isn t confirmed to be Jane Lynch in there. 35 13 jason aldean broken bow 13,790 my kinda party. adam would be perfect for x factor. so even the 1 song on aaa has low audience impressions. if certain notes are hard for you to hit, try a rewrite of the part and see if you can find a different approach thats just as effective and always on key ) namaste, brian w1nds1gn@yahoo.


Monday, 14 January 2013 

Thx1138 American Graffiti Star Idris Elba Wars First

Idris Elba It is a dream to disinter-mediate as many unproductive middle men out of the system as possible. Thx1138, american graffiti, star wars, the first three indiana jones films, two oscar noms for best director, and two best picture oscar noms say you don t have a clue what the hell you re talking about. when was the last time you got an assault charge, tough guy. Hit me on twitter and i can walk you through the pitfalls and how i did it. if ur someone whos satisfied with tmos network, why leave now and pay more Idris Elba each month with another carrier.


Wednesday, 02 January 2013 

Here Watch Walk Bobby Brown With Baby

Bobby Brown Obviously if t-mobile had the chance, they wouldve probably gotten into the iphone bandwagon too but then there wouldn t be any competition, with android phones being labeled as a lower-end phone next to the iphone (to most consumers eyes). Here i am, watch me walk out Bobby Brown with a baby in my arms, i turned all the lights on so you could all see me walk out. with what is happening you have a nice selection of choice you can either get that bland iphone that only differs in storage space sizes and color, or you can pick between 3 devices with amazing specs. since data is not duplicated on the playbook, corporate data continues to be secured, managed, and administered on the blackberry smartphone. like everything else in our day and age, it a complex topic, and when we have to use words to communicate what we see, the words themselves become problematic.


Tuesday, 25 December 2012 

Maybe Justin Beiber Also Time State Gets

Justin Beiber It Justin Beiber does make a lot of sense for aol to slash away at patch way-too-high costs per site and bring them down to 0,000. maybe its also time the state gets its act together when it comes to changing the way we can purchase our beverages, including getting off the back of indie brewers and allowing sunday sales of all alcohol. then again, my hubby was in the army. now, if only mitchie can do the same. the great irony of working sitting on your ass in a chair and typing words.


Thursday, 29 November 2012 

Sort Sound Steven Soderbergh Like Buddha Here

Steven Soderbergh They have invented a tremendous sin. you sort of sound like buddha here. how much safer can something be aspirin kills more people every year than cannabis has in over 4700 years of known medical use. you know, the people who say hasan was not influenced by islam but suffered from ptsd. however ben doesn t care Steven Soderbergh about this.


Saturday, 17 November 2012 

Also Lazily Believed That There Rose Byrne Strong

Rose Byrne Yup as i recall, most of us picked up that night got about 0 from the city for false arrest. i also lazily Rose Byrne believed that there was a strong equality growth trade-off. Go drool in support of illegal activity somewhere else. i m not trying to do without corporations. i was looking at approval a while back.


Thursday, 08 November 2012 

Finally Congratulations Peter Fonda Dave Startups

Peter Fonda First jump is a freebee, one has no idea what to expect. finally congratulations dave, and to the startups any time someone helps startups meet capital and get their acts together it ,s a great thing for tech and innovation. i m at a loss why the post office Peter Fonda isn t taking up the slack with packages. India economy is much much larger then what pak claims. How the current economic crisis in the us is going to impact the entrepreneurial space in america.


Thursday, 25 October 2012 

Austerity Anne Keothavong Implies They Depriving Themselves

Anne Keothavong I mean, i have Anne Keothavong no doubt that soon enough people will respond to it with ignorant you mean ignorant and racist well i have heaps of ____ friends and blah blah umbrage umbrage. austerity implies they re depriving themselves, as opposed than living within their means. go-getterliz says her ideal guy is someone who likes to get out and enjoy life. i am not saying they were bad people, but i am saying they were making morally wrong choices. on the other hand, the average german worker works 1408 hours, about one third less than the average greek person.


Wednesday, 03 October 2012 

D600 Definitely Good Anna Chlumsky Competitor

Anna Chlumsky But i guess the definition and qualification is up to the individual to determine. D600 is definitely a good competitor but i was wishing it would be cheaper (around 00-00). if you have problems with the funding, take it up with the government. tim berners lee invented the world wide web, which is only one small part of the modern internet. it is an absolutely Anna Chlumsky excellent book about one of the most important substances that exists.


Saturday, 31 March 2012 

Religions Whoopi Goldberg World Product

Whoopi Goldberg But was also a leftist of - at least momentary -integrity. the religions of the world are the product of progressive revelation to a diverse humanity, separately Whoopi Goldberg expressing as they do the great metaphysical realities of life. I m on the east coast so i ll probably find someone here to do the procedure, but your good experience really makes me to determined to get lasik this year. for example the variable allheadings return heading, heading, heading, so jquery loops over the document tree and gives you only the tags you requested via the find() function hope it helps. i wonder how those that were offended reacted to some of the art within the 1st floor of the invisible dog, where the conference was held.


Thursday, 29 March 2012 

Thedell 15zis Definitely Rachael Taylor Ultrabook

rachael taylor Hubungi saya ditwitter, yang lain2 ada 14 tempat lagi. Thedell xps 15zis definitely not Rachael Taylor an ultrabook. Slick as hell in firefox, though bummed about lack of chrome support. those shooters who went middle most likely caught the goalie committing to a direction before the shot. Aneesh, this is a great initiative.


Monday, 26 March 2012 

Build This Dont Mess Kimberly Caldwell Much With

Kimberly Caldwell Joe, i wondered the same thing when i read this. Build this, but dont mess too much with the concepts original lines Kimberly Caldwell and ideas. might do in the future and learn how to use one better. Eliana, muy lindas tus palabras y creo que muchas hispanas nos podemos identificar con ellas. @kartik you think prachanda has hatred against india he preaches anti-india as he was born with the word in his mouth but he is the biggest pro-india.


Friday, 23 March 2012 

Would Interesting Julia Louis-Dreyfus Note Which Will

Julia Louis-Dreyfus What ethnicity was the guy asking for the autograph my guess is he was white. it would be interesting to note which will eventually emerge as the winner, i. i was commenting that the post title seems misleading based on the reviews of the books given. the sad thing is that once it demonstrated itself to Julia Louis-Dreyfus be false, the decades of howling about the things people demonstrated as shabby proof of theirfabricated apocalypticcult, that itwill teach humanity to not trust science or the scientif method at all. michigan gmworkersmust feel better now) king - the bailouts worked.


Monday, 19 March 2012 

Donnyrock Addressing Audrey Tautou Someone Correctly

Audrey Tautou This really applies to all coaches in my opinion so likely anyone could read it as if it was written to them and i would still Audrey Tautou believe it to be true -). Al, donnyrock c mon addressing someone correctly and respectfully is important to the ebb and flow of conversation. i will have to shut down my blog as soon as anyone from my team finds out i have it. a little too fine for me, and most of their colors seem very light to me. i wonder how many people actually do that.


Thursday, 15 March 2012 

Anuddermale Well Aware Clearing Christina Ricci Cache

Christina Ricci Hillary should get gutted for her bs, she doesn t own the dnc and the primaries either, i don t give a damn who her husband is. Anuddermale, im well aware of clearing the cache. pedestrians will continue to fall or get hit by cars but no one is calling for helmets for their activity (or are they ). neither of those Christina Ricci are races where the 3rd party challenger is drawing significantly from the democrat, and if you added them back in to the republican total, it a clear win for the gop. give me your hands all over, one by one.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012 

Blows Robert Pattinson Mind That Some Eager Give

Robert Pattinson I ll correct you on that, you mental midget. it blows my mind that some are so eager to give up this precious right. stop just below 50 day about 7% below, target about 10-12% higher near the 200 day. Remember Robert Pattinson that i only give free tradeable cement advice. the only thing that leftists like about our country is that they might be able to seize power and change it.